Ways to Prevent Playing with Rigged Slots to Win Real Money

Are you doubting your losing streak at the online casino? This could be the case of a rigged slot. A rigged slot is one which the house or software developer has tampered with to ensure a winning advantage against the player. In case you are not playing from a reputable online casino affiliated with 1netentcasino , you could be losing your money without your knowledge.

Play from a Licensed Online Casino

Most cases of rigged slots come from unlicensed online casinos. Most of these online casinos are run with unscrupulous business people who interfere with their slot machines. The house control the wins and losses when you spin the reels such as at radiorbl . Therefore, it becomes hard for a player to dictate the tampered system since the house dishes out some wins to cast away doubt.

NetEnt is licensed and regulated by the UK Gaming Authority. The software developer also holds close relation with top level regulation bodies such as Malta Gaming Authority and Alderney Gambling Commission Control. The regulatory bodies carry out tests and approvals for all the casino games to ensure it meets the international standards. The bodies ensure that the casino is operating within the legal limits.


Checking Random Number Generator

Part of the assessment procedure by the regulatory bodies includes reviewing the status of the Random Number Generator. What is the RNG in a slot machine? It s a written code included in the architecture of the slot machine in charge of generating random numbers. The system is fed with the random numbers which generates random outcomes each time a player spins the reels.

The RNG plays an important role in ensuring fairness with the outcomes from the slot machines. Apart from dishing out random outcomes with each spin of the reels, it ensures that the odds of a player winning is the same as the next player. Therefore, it removes the use of a strategy by the player to manipulate the system to pull off a win.

Checking Return to Player Rates

Before proceeding to play at a certain slot machine, you should have a clear view of the particular slot machine. Each slot machine has a particular payout percentage that guides the player depending on the nature of their game play. The return to player refers to the total amount which is given by the player to the casino after finishing all rounds.

The RTP points out to the odds for your winnings for a given slot calculated with the use of mathematical formulas. A high paying slot machine has a high RTP rate that reflects in terms of high winnings when you pull off a win. A low RTP slot machine means that the house gets to keep most of your winnings from the casino.

Play with Peace of Mind

When you are playing for fun, it becomes easier to play without having to worry about rigged slots. NetEnt is a licensed and regulated firm that protects players from rigged slots. In case you are playing from an affiliate of NetEnt, the game play is fair. Read through the licensing credentials of a site before proceeding to deposit your money at an online casino.